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Psychotherapist Toronto and New York


I am a psychoanalytically-trained relational psychotherapist with a private practice in Toronto and NY serving individual and couple clients via online, Zoom, or phone in all areas of Ontario, Canada, and New York State, U.S.A. 


After receiving my Masters at NYU University School of Social Work, I studied at the National Institute of the Psychotherapies and within the AEDP Institute in NYC to formulate my approach of interpersonal relational talk therapy, as well as enhancing and deepening my work at England’s Regents College of Psychotherapy and Counseling and the Tavistock Relationships Institute of Couples Therapy. 


I tend to see a broad assortment of people, many who are suffering from depression, anxiety, stress and experiencing difficulty coping. Some struggle with being single, others within their relationship, or with their sexual authenticity, marking out new directions forward. 

Together through talk therapy we can find a pathway to a deeper understanding and a way to move forward with confidence and security. I’m centered around the ideals of Body and Sex Positivity, while considering myself an ally of the LGBTQ+, Non-Binary, Kink, Transgender, and HIV/AIDS communities. 


My clients are from different worlds: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, non-binary, young and old, single, married, and all those in-between exploring different and non-traditional unions and partnerships. Together we can unpack and explore the hurdles of life together in a safe space of acceptance and understanding.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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